How To Decorate Your Room On A Budget


Nothing spells budget like University student living. To spend your $4 on a coffee, sushi, or a candle for your room, is a decision we struggle with on the daily. So moving from a furnished student accommodation to a completely unfurnished new place was both liberating and confronting. I mean, there was a LOT of adulting involved. But on the other hand, it's essentially a clean slate to live out all your interior decorating fantasies. 

How did I start? Think of a colour scheme. I picked white, black, and beige. It sounds boring but they are the most common colours things come in, so it makes it easier to find cheaper alternatives that still match your room. 

Start a Pinterest board. This is a great way to work out what bed frame, desk, sheets and decorations work well together. You can view mine here.

DIY some things. I made this piece using an old quote print that had the worst typography and quote on it (something along the lines of "I don't need google, I have my wife"). I did my best to tear off the original quote and designed my own on Canva (best website for creating A+ multimedia). I then printed it off and stuck it onto the print. To seal the deal, I painted the corners black so everything blended seamlessly.

Kmart is your best friend. Kmart has pretty much all your cheap interior decoration needs as well as any other needs in general. Take this desk organiser for instance - nice, clean look that compliments the black in my room. I also loved this cute Lights/Darks washing basket. 

As for furniture, we went with Fantastic Furniture for most of our choices, and Gumtree for our couch. Appliances were something we weren't willing to compromise on so we went with Harvey Norman for that. 


Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or comments, leave them down below.


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