ABH 'Sun Dipped' Glow Kit Review


Before I owned a highlighter, I never cared for highlighting in my makeup routine; I would just use my concealer or my Estee Lauder Double Wear Brush-on Glow BB if I really felt like a glow, and that too, only on my brow bone. I could never understand why beauty bloggers or makeup junkies were so obsessed with it. Until I made this impulse buy at Sephora one day. I think it cost me around $72, but seeing as a) makeup is hella expensive in Australia and b) Becca's single shade 'Champagne Pop' cost $68 alone, I justified my purchase in my head. And now, I absolutely love this kit.

It comes in this cute shiny packaging, which just makes me glow from within whenever I look at it. The lid is magnetic, but it also has a slip on cover to ensure it doesn't just pop open (especially during travel). The 4 shades are magnetically attached to their base and are removable. This means when you hit pan in one shade, you can replace the one shade instead of having to buy a whole new kit, or buy a different shade from another ABH kit to mix it up. 

4 beautiful shades (7.4g each) starting from top left to bottom left (clockwise):
- Bronzed: burnt orangey shade
- Summer: yellowy white highlight
- Moonstone: slightly more pale white
- Tourmaline: pinkish highlight 
Bronzed is a beautiful shade but I am yet to find a look that it works with - every time I've used it on myself, it's looked a little random because it contrasts with the highlight under my eyes. I did use it on a friend with darker complexion than mine and it looked amazing.
Summer and moonstone are a little similar - I guess this is pretty much a double shade, but it's also the best regular highlight for any skin tone so it's useful there's more of this shade.
Tourmaline - perfect for a cool-toned look!

(Sorry for the terrible swatches and my very prominent veins)

It's great! It's so finely milled that it doesn't cling to hairs, pores or dry patches on your face. It's also quite pigmented but I wouldn't say it's as strong/intense as other popular highlighters, such as Mary Lou-Manizer and Champagne Pop. You can definitely build it up though. The two brushes (tapered highlight brush in purple, and fan brush in black) in the first picture do a great job with application.

This is a limited edition palette though and I don't know if they're selling it here in Australia anymore. But it should still be available online. Overall, this is a really versatile palette, and I feel like you can get more out of this than a single shade highlight, so I personally love it. Let me know what you think about it and what your favourite highlighters are :)

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